Restricted Content Layout 1

This is a simple restricted content page that you can set to be visible to members only. 

You can add any kind of content to this page using the Divi Visual Builder. 

This gives you complete freedom to feature content you want to give to your members as part of the membership access. 

For example, some memberships would feature video tutorials in this format by embedding videos from Vimeo or other video hosting services and creating a nice layout for presenting them.

A really quick, effective, and simple way to protect your content and give value to your members.

Example multi-column layout featuring video tutorials

It’s so simple to create an effective page for any type of content using the Visual Editor. 

You could even create multiple pages in order to create lesson series or courses kind of layout without using a LMS.

It would be a manual process of linking pages together if you’d like to implement internal navigation, but certainly doable without any custom coding or anything.